Realize the Unseen Instigators in 6 Major Religions
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Realize the Unseen Instigators in 6 Major Religions

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Khalilullah Sharifi
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This book ( Realize the Un seen Instigator ) is one of the informative subject and accurate information about the un visible substance, who have been manifested by the deity Exalted (GOD). This book is gives a hints to the readers an information step by step the GODs creations from the hypothetical creature like (Soul, Spirit, Angels, Demons, Devil and Satan), to the innate of wholesome. The information has been edited all from the 6 major religions book and Texts of ( Judaism, Christianity, Islam and as will as Buddhism and Hinduism religiously ). The Unseen substance are instigate or vitalize the whole animations in the physical life of human being. The respected reader must read and find out the occult achievers who are existed among all life living creations to conduct and scheme till to the next life here after. This book also, repeating the words of GOD the mysterious guidance from birth to end for His creations.