A Thesaurus of Women from Water to Music
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A Thesaurus of Women from Water to Music

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Barbara Joan Zeitz
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Within the pages of traditional history books that stand proudly on library shelves lies the accomplishments of many men who have helped to change the world with their talents. Unfortunately what is missing from the pages of those same books is the multitude of women from numerous cultures who have also accomplished great things.
Barbara Joan Zeitz, who holds a masters degree in Womens Studies, shares the hidden history of successful women in a diverse collection that offers surprising facts and stories about their previously unknown achievements. In fifty-two stories, Zeitz profiles female innovators that include the creator of the first draft construction of the magnificent Hoover Dam, the inventor of the washing machine and dishwasher, the pioneer of the first weather satellite, and the writers of what would become the hit musicals Chicago, Mary Poppins, and The Sound of Music. Throughout her compilation accompanied by sources that encourage extended searches, Zeitz proves that women have indeed made a vital contribution throughout history while providing inspiration for a younger generation of women to continue the legacy.

A Thesaurus of Women from Water to Music spotlights accomplished, virtually unknown women and links them to well-known aspects of history.