Haunted Taylors
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Haunted Taylors

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Shawn A. Jenkins
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There was once was a woman by the name of Stacia Taylor. Stacia had two grandchildren, Devon and Sidney. After so many years of toil and strain, the Taylors at last thought they had come upon the treasure they so desperately desired, but as in most cases, what we all desire may not be what is ultimately best for us.
Violence is all Stacia Taylor has known ever since her childhood, but beyond all the darkness, she is determined to make sure that her grandchildren receive only the best. Nice school, good friends and a brand new house. But unbeknownst to the Taylors, their new home is anything but a fresh start.

Within the walls of 833 Husk Drive dwells an angry, decades old hatred that refuses to leave the Taylors in peace. Documented for 33 days, the belligerent force inside stalks, torments and sets out to destroy the family at all costs.

But something beyond the usual haunting eventually takes place, and the Taylors soon find themselves standing at the gates of Purgatory with no one to aid them.

Yes, for 33 days, inside of one house, the three Taylors must endure and ungodly manifestation that no one will ever truly believe.

For 33 days, there once lived three people by the names of Stacia, Devon and Sidney.