Are You an Asset or a Liability?
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Are You an Asset or a Liability?

Tips for Living Life as an Outstanding Youth
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Olayinka Ekenkwo
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Add value ... Be different! Create a colourful and bright future for yourself!To be a person of value, you must build your life on timeless truths and make your life count!
This book can provide what you need to get your life on the road to being an amazing person!

Are you constantly getting into trouble because of the company you keep?
Do you often wonder where the time has gone?
Do you struggle with being knowledgeable?
Do you want to know how to manage money?
Do you want to be celebrated and not just tolerated?
Do you have a desire to fulfi ll your God-given destiny?

Are You an Asset or a Liability? provides tips on how to increase your value and create acolourful and bright future for yourself. It challenges you to stop complaining, blamingand pointing fi nger at your background, circumstances and environment. It exposes youto timeless truths and to learning from other peoples experiences. It compels you to takecharge of your life, stop living by trial and error and moving towards great success, to thetopmost top!
After having literally lived her fi rst twenty years based on trial and error with no form of guidance, mentorship or sense of direction,Olayinka Ekenkwo blamed her personal family circumstances, environment and fate for her lack of fulfillment and often wonderedwhat life held in store until she began to read in books that her future is in her hands. She took charge and personal responsibility, and her story and outlook took a turn for the most exciting events. Olayinka is now passionately committed to helping youth create a colourful and bright future.