Free to Be – a Memoir of an Examined Life
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Free to Be – a Memoir of an Examined Life

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Jane Hamil
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Jane Hamils life has been a journey of self-discovery, after she learned early in life that her vision of who she was and how she saw the world was different from her family. From her roots in the Mormon Church, she followed a path that led her to a career in social work and professional caregiving, in settings ranging from family counseling to college instruction and geriatric consulting. Along the way she successfully raised four children, who continue to draw strength and comfort from their family connection. Her curiosity for experiencing other cultures took her around the globe, where she has cultivated enduring friendships.
The life lessons shared in Janes book deal with raising children, divorce, excommunication, the importance of family structure, and cultivating racial awareness. A confident, natural storyteller, she shares what she has learned about thoughtful decision making and caring for others while finding balance in ones own life.