The Best of Both Worlds
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The Best of Both Worlds

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C. A. O’Donnell
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Jake McAllister is just a teenager when he loses his father in a tragic accident. As grief overwhelms his daily life, he finds solace in nightly dreams graced by a beautiful girl who comforts him and quickly captures his heart. But as Jake matures into manhood and attains success as a cowboy boot-wearing CEO, no one ever imagines that he and his stunning guardian angel could ever become a reality.
When widowed single mother Yvette Corvelle buys a ranch in Arizona, all she wants is to leave her past behind and raise her four-year-old daughter, Brandi, in a peaceful, safe environment. But when a tire blows on her Jeep one day near the McAllister ranch, her path suddenly intertwines with Jakes. After Jake realizes Yvette is the girl from his dreams, neither can deny their powerful attraction. As Jake attempts to convince her that he is not the womanizer she believes him to be, a mystery unfolds that soon leads them down a dangerous path where nothing is certaineven their undeniable bond.

The Best of Both Worlds shares the tale of a cowboy CEO and his beautiful guardian angel as fate brings them together in the Arizona desert and leaves the possibility of a forever romance hanging in the balance.