Boost Your Child’S Academic Success
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Boost Your Child’S Academic Success

121 Strategies
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Marshena McCoy-Williams Ed.D.
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Regardless of income, social status, or ethnicity, parents everywhere are concerned about their childrens academic performance. We all want our children to reach their academic potential. We all seek the peace of mind that comes with knowing our children are learning and mastering all the skills necessary for academic competence.
In Boost Your Childs Academic Success, author Dr. Marshena McCoy-Williams offers a series of recommendations for empowering childrens learning capabilities. The founder of Smart Kids TLC, a tutoring and learning center in Greensboro, North Carolina, that provides academic services to public, private, and homeschooled children and their parents, she gives strategies parents can apply to improve their childrens academic performance. Designed for individuals from diverse ethnicities, cultures, socioeconomic strata, and family structures, the ideas can be mixed, matched, and modified to fit specific circumstances.

Many of the recommendations and strategies are based on research in education, pedagogy, medicine, nutrition, and cognition. Some are traditional, and others are nontraditional. Each directly or indirectly helps develop intellectual and/or academic abilities. Boost Your Childs Academic Success provides a range of options from which parents can select to create a holistic and focused plan of action to improve their childrens academic experience and performance.