Automated Sales
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Automated Sales

A Systematic Approach to Boosting Your Business
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Steffen Ritter
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Many businesspeople and salespeople leave their offices at the end of the day without a valuable, measurable, and presentable sales outcome.
Its easy to see why: With distractions flowing from all directions, businesses and salespeople need to focus on what matters to achieve results. After all, successful selling is a lot like skiingwhile the layperson uses force, the professional relies on technique.

Steffen Ritter, one of Germanys leading consultants for sellers and agents, explains how you can join top performers in this energy-efficient guide to automating the sales process to boost revenue. Learn how to:

create new habits to make sales easier;
contact customers systematically;
provide the right customers with the right service; and
create value for customers on a continuous basis.

By taking a tour highlighting how salespeople, employees, and customers think, youll be equipped to change your thinking to forge stronger and more profitable connections with prospects.

In our modern world, automated methods provide a reliable basis for successful, sustainable sales. It is time for you to fully realize that selling can be smooth and easy. Sales can be automated!