Something to Chew On
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Something to Chew On

Digesting Healthy Spiritual Food for the Soul in the Calendar Year Ahead
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Ari Joshua Bouse
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When we bow to the wisdom of the natural world, we bring a deeper knowledge of harmony and balance into our souls and waking lives. In this way, we get to know our souls on a deeper level. In Something to Chew On, author Ari Bouse offers a guide to help you develop a deeper spiritual connection to nature through guided monthly meditations.
Designed to open your mind and heart to the power of animal friends that reveal themselves through meaningful encounters, Bouse helps you breathe fresh air into your soul so you may then exhale the dead air of old ways that no longer serve you. Each monthly meditation is inspired by the consciousness of an animal-spirit guide to function as spiritual power for living in a new age and paradigm.

Something to Chew On serves as a walking meditation that will help you align with nature as it unfolds during the spirit of the season to enable you to rekindle a sense of magic, mystery, and adventure in your life.