India, My Love
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India, My Love

A Collection of Poetry
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Jay Kotek
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Indian democracy has been undergoing reforms since 1947, but it has failed so far to address the basic social, economic, and political aspirations of the people at large. Many real facts have been covered up or distorted, and the mainstream media, along with many intellectuals and historians, often remained silent on most matters related to social justice.
Expressing a vivid egalitarian outlook as critical to correcting these flaws, author Jay Kotek presents India, My Love, featuring ninety-five poems based on his life experiences and portraying the way that political, historical, social, and philosophical aspects of a nations events imbue an individual with power through the formation of a rational thought process. Kotek shares his inner journey to the wilderness in his attempt to pursue the truth of existence, blending mysticism and realism. His verses display an ardent desire for a renaissance to occur within the mind of every Indian, leading to the achievement of the goals of social justice and the preservation of the pluralistic nature of the great country of India.

This collection offers poems from an unusual perspectivethat of a sincere Indian dreaming of a reformed, free, frank, and strong India.