Final Act of Redemption
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Final Act of Redemption

A Painted Church of Texas Novel
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Carol Voelkel
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When Dr. Aliana ONeill comes face to face with CEO Steven Fischer, hes everything she never expected him to be . . . and as her well-designed plan to confront him falls apart, the happy ending shed hoped for unravels, leaving her life more complicated than ever. Steves life is equally turbulent, and when Ally isnt the person he imagined her to be, his past begins to close in on him, making his future anything but certain. Their faith journey leads them both to St. Marys, the beautiful Painted Church in Fredericksburg, Texas, but before either of them can find the peace theyre desperately seeking, theyre confronted with a life-threatening illnessand a brutal murder. They turn to God for guidance, trusting Him to guide their steps. But, will a final act of redemption bring them together or tear them apart? God only knows . . .
A Painted Church of Texas Novel: The Painted Churches of Texas were built in the 19th century by German and Czech immigrants striving to succeed in a new country and still preserve the value and culture of their homeland. From the outside they look like many of the other American churches built around the turn of the century. But once you enter, youll be entranced by the bright paintings, elaborate murals and wooden columns and baseboards that shine like polished marble. The churches (20 of which are listed on the national Register of Historic places) were recently listed as #12 in a Texas Monthly magazine article entitled, Bucket List: 63 things all Texans should do before they die. St. Marys Catholic Church, located in Fredericksburg, Texas is featured in this novel, but words alone cannot describe Gods peace . . . His wondrous mystery of faith . . . that will surround you the moment you walk through the wooden doors.