Ghost in the Park
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Ghost in the Park

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Ray Melnik
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All the greatest ideas to realize, or mysteries to be solved, are seeds born in the human mind. The wish to understand them is the gardener in each of us, but the only true path to their growth and successful harvest, is to start with a fertile soil.
Most of us have choices in life, and those who dont are the ones who need our help. Amber was a beautiful soul trapped in a young woman, abused as a child. She was riddled with anxiety, often depressed and she had no idea that life could be anything other than one filled with sadness. Then she met Sami. Only a special person can see the flower that grows from the ashes. Sami was that person, but his love was too much, too late. Or was it?

In the littlest park in a tiny corner of Staten Island, New York, realities will collide. Unintended consequences from events will alter lives. One to uncover a secret, another to confess, and the last to save a love.