Bobby’s Song 2
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Bobby’s Song 2

California Dreamin'
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Rick Nicholson
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Bobbys Song - California dreamin, is a collection of stories about two friends. One friend, Rick Nelson is a retired contractor now working part-time as a Private Investigator. The other friend, Bob Moore who is dead joins Rick in Spirit form in helping to solve various mysteries in both the spirit, and living world. Their adventures take them from one side of the Country to the other, and back again. Sometimes even traveling into the Past to help a Spirit find peace. Bob and Rick come to the very edge of death at times, as well as witnessing Gods justice being dealt out to those who deserve it. Along the way, certain gifts and or special abilities are given to both friends to help them with their work, while meeting some very interesting characters along the way... Both living and dead. Each story is a new adventure for our average everyday heros. And as time passes, their friendship grows and stays strong even though they live in two different worlds.