Prayer Points for Pastors
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Prayer Points for Pastors

A Tool for Pastors and Their Intercessors
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Audrey L. Dowling
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In November 2013, Pastor Teddy Parker was found dead by his wife, Larrinecia Parker, in the driveway of their home with a "self-inflicted gunshot wound" hours after he had sent her and his two daughters ahead of him to church, then failed to show up. It was later revealed that he had been battling manic depression until his death.
Since that time, over 30more pastors have committed suicide. These men and women of God face many challenges that could potentially affect every aspect of their lives. As the Body of Christ, most of us have not been cultured to automatically pray for our pastors. Pastors dont always ask for prayers and many members may not feel comfortable praying for them. We need a renewed culture where prayer for the pastor is encouraged and taught. Pastors need to have specific, anointed, and focused prayer going on for them regularly. Prayer Points for Pastors: A Tool for Pastors and Their Intercessors will help both pastors and their intercessors alike by offering prayer points that may be important to pray for or about for pastors.