Anger Management
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Anger Management

A Simple Guide to Managing Life's Expectations
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Mark Stricklin
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Author Mark Stricklin knows what its like to do bonehead things in spite of your best intentions and then get angry at yourself (and occasionally with others). In fact, unless we have given up caring about everything, we all get angry from time to timeand we all need ways to deal with that feeling.
In Anger Management, Stricklin explores what makes us angry, how to deal with our anger, and how to deal with angry people. Whats more, he focuses specifically on managing anger rather than eliminating it. He draws his knowledge both from his degree in psychology and from many years of dealing with people from all walks of life, who brought with them a wealth of knowledge and experience to his weekly classes in a transitional shelter. Through these classes, Stricklin has learned, relearned, changed, and reevaluated the process of embracing anger and anger managementand now he seeks to share that insight.

Practical and straightforward, this guide offers down-to-earth advice on what causes anger; how to manage, accept, and express it; and how to deal with others who are angry.