A Season for New Beginnings
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A Season for New Beginnings

The Sequel to a Season for Living
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Susan Willis Updegraff
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It is August 2000 and Caroline Winthrop is still passionate about helping women and children who are victims of domestic violence. Although her nonprofit foundation is now a Georgia state agency, Caroline continues to be involved with fundraising and occasionally in the operation of the home. As she helps yet another woman progress through the New Beginnings program, Caroline has no idea that in the future, she will use the information to make profound changes to Georgia laws.
As Carolines passion takes on a new level of commitment and launches her into unfamiliar territory, her husband, Garrett, is presented with the best career opportunity of his life. But as Garrett tackles his latest challenge and Carolines mother and their two college-age children face their own issues, Caroline and Garrett find they have little time to slow down. Still, she and Garrett look forward to the future when they hope to enjoy life together. But just as they begin to make plans for their retirement, tragedy strikes and changes everything.

In this continuing historical tale, a wealthy Southern matriarch and her family members each embark on a quest to find a new beginning where they discover that change is the only certainty in life.