Sarah’s New Beginning
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Sarah’s New Beginning

New Beginning Series Book One
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Lillie Shaw
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At twenty-eight, Sarah has had enough. She lives with her controlling parents, but after one last harassing phone call from her mom, she hits the road with her meager belongings. She takes the car and heads to an unknown destination. Theres a chance her parents will let her grow into her own woman, but theres also a chance they might drag her back home.Will Carter is the eldest son of the town doctor, who runs a prosperous ranch that has been in his family for generations. Just recently single after breaking up with his long-time girlfriend Shaye, Will is determined to remain singleuntil a car crashes into the ditch on his familys property. He rushes to the aid of an unconscious woman and takes her to see his father.
The first thing an injured Sarah sees when she opens her tired eyes is Will, and her heart skips a beat. The two instantly connect; something about Will speaks to her heart in a language shes never heard before. They tumble into love, but both carry such baggage. Will they follow where their hearts lead, or are they destined to remain alone and running forever?