What’S Working in Africa?
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What’S Working in Africa?

Examining the Role of Civil Society, Good Governance, and Democratic Reform
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Jesse Mongrue
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Can anything good come from Africa? For far too long, the worlds second largest continent has been perceived as one of the poorest places on the eartha place overwhelmed with mismanagement, corruption, famine, and civil wars. For the rest of the world, the continent and its post-colonial pedigree have little to offer in the global economy. However, while there may be challenges, significant progress has already begun to take place throughout the continentsomething is working in Africa.Whats Working in Africa? explores the political and social dynamics of Africa and its people, and it brings an awareness about what is working on the continent. Providing a detailed narrative about developments on the continent that have gone unnoticed by the world for several decades, it gives special attention to those African nations that are changing the landscape of the continent in the areas of good governance, democratic reform, and civil society. Many of these nations can be considered success stories, and their commitment to reform and democracy stand at the foundation of this success.
Can Africa be a major player in the global economy? Does Africa have the potential to meet twenty-first century challenges just like the rest of the world? And importantly, can the world do business with Africa? Discover the overlooked and the other side of Africa, where committed African nations lead by example and are making things work.