Return to Nuna Lake
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Return to Nuna Lake

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Helen Hendricks Friess
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Andrew Mellon, a wealthy New Yorker, has run away from life and lives in a very small world.
He has no family and is a very lonely man. He has a plane and pilots, a limo and driver, investment bankers to make him rich and a business manager to pay his bills. Slowly, he has lost his friends, not because they abandoned him, but because he has no desire to continue a friendship.

One morning he picks up a high-end magazine. He finds pictures of beautiful gardens which had been newly restored. Although the magazine is more than two years old he wants to see them. They are in a little town called Nuna Lake. He decides to buy an old car, use the name Andy instead of Andrew, and become a new man. He will go to Nuna Lake. The people welcome Andy and ask no questions. He finds a new way of life where people are warm and friendly. They welcome him.

As Andy finds his way, a disaster hits the town. Can Andy find a way to help the town and still maintain his privacy? Will the residents accept him when they find he is not the man they think he is. Follow Andy on his search for pappiness and a new way of life.