Horror Master
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Horror Master

A Compilation of Twenty Short Stories
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James W. Cook
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We live in a scary world, and we hear about it every night on the news. Yet, it is perhaps the stories that dont make the news that are the most horrificthe stories that remain in the dark, never to be unveiled. These haunting occurrences often end in blood and torment, but youll never hear about them unless they happen to you.
In Horror Master, author James Cook brings together twenty stories of pure terror. Meet the new town sheriff who has to deal with a local mans dead body found in the lake and the possibility of a horned beast. Find out what happens when you lie to a madman, and witness a doctor who performs sadistic treatments on criminal patients.

There is an underground prison and a small town torn by trauma. Theres a crazy gunman who needs to be taken down, and ask yourself: what could possibly go wrong with the circus in town? Find in this collection stories that will shock you into a state of pure panic and paranoia. Close the pages and realize it could all happen to you.