The Sweet Smell of Rotten Eggs
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The Sweet Smell of Rotten Eggs

The Mischiefteers
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Ed Christie
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The Mischiefteeers is the final volume in the series, The Sweet Smell of Rotten Eggs. As in the previous three volumes in this series there is happiness, sadness, joy, fear, and excitement in this refreshingly wholesome fiction book of childrens adventures that occurr on their grandparents Oregon Ranch.It is the fourth year Grandpa and Grandma Christie have invited five of their grandchildren to spend summer vacation on their cattle ranch. Each of the children has their own unique adventures, in which the others may also play a part, including a calf riding accident, a near drowning, a sighting of Bigfoot, a mysterious paintball fight, encounters with wild animals, domesticating and training wildlife, and participating in a program for disabled and underprivileged children,.
Through these adventurous experiences, Zach, Avery, Ryan, Morgan, and Mia, ages fifteenn to seven, learn life lessons that include integrity, love, selflessness, discilpline, work ethic, and honesty that exemplify the values that will help mold their characters for the rest of their lives.

Cover Graphics/Art Credit:
Linda Christie Fabrizius and Joshua Thomas Smith