8 Crazy Moments in Time
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8 Crazy Moments in Time

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Douglas J. McGregor
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Three excerpts from the eight stories ...

I had read the cornstalks ranged between six and ten feet high; from my perspective, the stalks looked higher. The light wind eerily swayed the late summer corn, and the first slants of daylight hit the field. The glint of the sun bouncing off the bayonets chilled my blood, and with utter fascination, I watched the Confederates move about in the green and yellow of the corn like gray ants.

The Time Machine

The dog grinned coyly, I know what youre thinking - maybe you can get to me - and if I were you, Id be thinking that too, but shovel or not, everything is drenched in gas, even the shovel. Rex allowed his words ample time to be absorbed before adding, Youre gonna catch on fire. That cant be avoided. No matter how smart you are, you cant think of a way out. Cuz there is no way out. You are trapped.

The Last Cubicle

A long pause ensured as he stared into her eyes, and then he quitely asked, Why am I sitting in the last cubicle with an angel?
A sheet of paper appeared in her hand and she pointed at the letterhead. Spell D.E. Mood backwards.