No Regrets
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No Regrets

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Tera ShaJal
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Raychel Bell Simms has security and love with her husband, Keith, and yet she still craves adventure and passion. Although Keith is a good father to their five children, he believes that paying the bills earns him the right to be the bossand to continue to be the ladies man he was before he and Raychel got married, and she has nearly had it.Then she meets Sean Rideaux, devastatingly fine and obviously interested in her as well, even though he is also married. Although she still loves Keith, Raychel lusts for Sean. Her marriage begins to fall apart, and she soon falls straight into Seans waiting arms. But Keith is still in her life, for the sake of their children, and, over time, Raychel begins to remember what she saw in himthe man who gave her strength and love when she needed it. Even with all the drama and heartache, Raychel can still say that she lived her life with No Regrets.
In this erotic romance, one woman finds herself torn between the stability of life with her husband and the passion and excitement she finds with her lover.