The Second Jewish Migration
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The Second Jewish Migration

From Europe to the Ottoman State
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Ali Arslan
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Too often, when examining the history of Jews during the Ottoman period, schlars focus solely on the founding of Israel after World War II and the victimization of Palestinians. But its important to look at every dimension of Jewish life during this time.
Ali Arslan, Ph.D., takes a broad view of Jewish/Ottoman history in this academic work, beginning with how the Jews of Western Europe were forced to leave the Ibeian Peninsula and found the Ottomans waiting for them with welcoming arms.

The Ottomans saved them from oppression and paved the way for the Jews of Central and Eastern Europe to live more comfortable lives compared with those in Western countries. The Ottomans respected the Jewish way of life and allowed them to move freely within the empire.

Both the Ottomans and the Jews should be commended for their productive collaboration at the end of the nineteenth century and the beginning of the twentieth century. Their spirit of cooperation should be seen as a beacon of hope and a roadmap of how people today can overcome differences.