The Word of Janus
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The Word of Janus

The Second Novel in the Janus Chronicles
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Patrick David Daley
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Sean Brennan has returned to Janus, an uncharted island in the North Atlantic. Brought there by the Spirits demands, he soon becomes an unwilling participant in a series of events that force Sean to consider a life predestined for him through the words in a two-thousand-year-old document.
Unwilling to follow the path determined for him, Sean decides to negotiate with the Spirit, believing he can somehow escape the expectations placed upon him. During the discussions, Sean begins exploring the possibilities of what could be if he chooses to work with the Spirit. Although there is the promise of a world at peace, Sean is still reluctant to dedicate his life to the Spirits mission.

But when events far beyond Janus, and driven by the Praetorian Orders Dante Sabatini, directly impact the island, Sean realizes his life may not be his own. Trapped between the lure of Januss tranquility and the Spirits demands, Sean must decide if the love of a beautiful woman and the hopes of the islands spiritual leader are enough to force him into following what is seemingly his true destiny.

The Word of Janus continues a riveting tale of intrigue, betrayal, and good versus evil as one man seeks to understand his legacy and its implications for the worlds future.