America’S Endless Loop Crisis
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America’S Endless Loop Crisis

Anger and Technology in America
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Jayson Reeves
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AMERICAS ENDLESS LOOP CRISISAnger and Technology in America

JAYSON REEVES the author has witten this book about todays anger, violence, cyber crimes, and technology in America. These Non-Domestic Tranquility issues apart from him working professionally throughout computer programming issues, design, engineering, and business ownership has observed critical details of Loss of Life. His writing targets the recent years of 1990 to 2016 with violence, anger, mass-murders, and domestic-murder with occasional suicide. Also the good, bad, and complexity of satellite technology in the American society. This issue of interest includes the work, and observation of individuals, corporations, and government outlined with international & American advancements of technology with so many people asking WHY so much violent devastation? Then various people, technology, and government disciplines have become a foundation of his writing to enlighten the American general public about (Anger & Technology) conditionally Americas Endless Loop Crisis.