Midway Through the Journey of Our Life
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Midway Through the Journey of Our Life

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James Lawson
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Midway Through The Journey Of Our Life is about a pivotal year in the life of a beautiful and successful woman. A 50th birthday party sets the stage for a spiritual upheaval in the world of Karin Sorensen, who jeopardizes everything that has made her life worthwhile, not for a grand passion, but for a whim, an errant desire that takes over the reason and her will.
What transpires is a rich and complex story of predators and prey, affluence and squalor, terrorism and addiction. An embittered teacher plots revenge. A ghost from the past reemerges in a new form. A billionaire rethinks his life. An aged patriarch has prophetic insights. An escort turns out to be more than she seems. The black sheep of the family transforms her life. Its a tale full of unexpected twists and turns, set mostly in contemporary Manhattan.