A Special Heart
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A Special Heart

An Amazing Journey of Hope, Love, and Courage in Raising a Special Child to Reach His Full Potential
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Judy Zimlichman
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Judy Zimlichmans third child, Chaim, was born with Williams syndrome, and over the past thirty-nine years, shes helped him conquer challenges and enjoy special times. While Chaim may face intellectual and physical challenges, he loves peopleand they love him back.
In sharing how she helped her son enjoy life to the fullest, the author provides encouragement and a roadmap for all families that have a loved one with special needs. She is convinced that, as a parent, you must be fierce advocate for your special needs child to enable him/her to benefit from all the available services. No matter what obstacle you are facing, you can help your child reach his/her maximum potential and feel a sense of belonging in the community.

When you fully appreciate a loved one with special needs, youll enjoy the healing power of faith, love, laughter, and music. Join Judy as she shares a wave of mixed emotions of achievement, gratitude, acceptance, hope, and the pain of unfulfilled dreams in this inspiring celebration of a special heart.