Learning to Fish in the Twenty-First Century
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Learning to Fish in the Twenty-First Century

Navigating the Career Waters to Find and Land a Choice Position
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Donna Chlopak
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As a corporate trainer of undergraduates and MBAs, this is a must-read. Learning to Fish will be the go-to guide for all undergraduates for years to come, as the book transmits a proven process to secure a first career step Barry Frohlinger, president, Barry M. Frohlinger Associates, Inc.

Donna Chlopaks knowledge and wealth of experience in teaching, research, and business have led to this comprehensive and unique guide on managing the career journey
Lei Lei, PhD, dean, Rutgers Business SchoolNewark and New Brunswick, Rutgers University

If a great tennis player challenged you to a match, what would you do? Youd study the game, learn its rules, practice, and make sure you had the right equipment to succeedand youd go into it knowing that winning would be tough.

Landing the right job can be just as challenging: without planning, training, practice, and networking, you dont stand much of a chance to win a job that offers a bright future.

In this guidebook to securing the job of your choice, youll learn how to
determine what jobs are a good match for you,
write cover letters that hiring managers notice,
tailor a rsum to the position youre seeking to fill, and
make a great first impression on job interviews.

If youre serious about winning the game, you need to prepareand it starts with equipping yourself with the insights and strategies in Learning to Fish in the Twenty-First Century.