The Coy Circle
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The Coy Circle

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Lisa Eggleston
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For the Coy brothersTrav, Rex, and Billygrowing up in the early sixties in a small Utah town grants them an idyllic, innocent childhood. But that innocence fades as the boys transition to manhood through discovery of hard work, responsibilities, and girls.
Celeste Pace must find forgiveness for the accidental loss of her mother and must learn to live with a drunken father. Can a girl from a broken home be the right fit for Trav, a boy set to go on a mission? Katie Allred must learn to follow her heart as she falls in love with Rex, who has grown into an unruly farm boy. Will Bishop Allred forgive his daughter, or will he ultimately be the one who needs to be forgiven? Lori Black must learn to forgive others for causing the near loss of her own mother, and yet she needs forgiveness when she falls into a situation with responsibilities beyond her years. Can Billy be the support that she needs?

In this novel, set in Utah in the 1960s, a group of teenagers in a small town experience love and grief as the loss of innocence changes each of their lives forever.