Enchanteur of Hearts
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Enchanteur of Hearts

Love Poems
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Ryan Carneiro
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Its like a dream come true,God has blessed me with you,
And I may not know how to show you, what you mean to me,
But you are more than life to me.

With a desire to bring together the separate worlds of imagination and reality, Ryan Carneiro shares a collection of prose that poignantly explores the wide range of emotions that accompany the joining of two hearts into onesome joyful and others painful.

In a free exploration of passion, jealously, lust, and betrayal, Carneiro offers a glimpse into all aspects of love as he pursues, questions, and embraces matters of the heart. With a goal of instilling in others to always conduct the pursuit of love with the purest of intentions, Carneiro does not turn away from the obstacles that stand in the way of healthy relationships, but instead recognizes the feelings of vulnerability, envy, desperation, and infidelity that prove once again, that realizing true love in life is never easy.

Enchanteur of Hearts provides one mans perspective on the uncertainties, exhilarations, and disappointments that can line the path to ultimately finding a soul mate.