Random Act of Love
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Random Act of Love

A Painted Church of Texas Novel
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Carol Voelkel
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When Becka Janak returns home to Shiner Texas to care for her favorite aunt, Helen, shes hopeful she can patch up her own heart in the process. A nasty break-up with her fianc has her desperate for a change of scenery. Unfortunately, she didnt factor Dr. Jake Wolters into the change equation.Jakes life has been turned upside down by a divorce he didnt see coming, and everything else has faded into the backgroundthat is, until Becka arrives on the scene and stirs up feelings that demand every bit of his attention.When a bitter enemy drops dead suspiciously, Jake is confronted with the pain of his past and the uncertainty of his future. Will he ever be able to escape his failures and invite God back into his life? And can he forgive Becka when he discovers the secret shes been hiding?God has His own plan for their love, and its far from random that He brought the two of them togetherbut will Becka and Jake choose to trust Him and follow His intended path? And will His plan eventually lead them back to Saints Cyril & Methodius, the beautiful, historic Painted Church in Shiner, Texas? God only knowsA Painted Church of Texas Novel: The Painted Churches of Texas were built in the 19th century by German and Czech immigrants striving to succeed in a new country and still preserve the value and culture of their homeland. From the outside they look like many of the other American churches built around the turn of the century. But once you enter, youll be entranced by the bright paintings, elaborate murals and wooden columns and baseboards that shine like polished marble. The churches (20 of which are listed on the national Register of Historic places) were recently listed as #12 in a Texas Monthly magazine article entitled, Bucket List: 63 things all Texans should do before they die. Saints Cyril & Methodius Catholic Church, located in Shiner, Texas is featured in this novel, but words alone cannot describe the majestic beauty and spirit of God that will surround you the moment you walk through the wooden doors