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A Tribute

Rev. Fr. Thomas Plathottam: Work of an Instrument of God
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A story of a missionary priest who simply lived for others. Many gifts and fruits of Holy Spirit are visible in Fr. Toms tireless and adventurous life throughout his mission work. He was truly blessed with all gifts of Holy Spirit: wisdom, understanding, counsel, fortitude, knowledge, piety, and fear of God. The outstanding courage, determination, dedication, honesty, and sincerity made him an extraordinary person. Nothing was impossible in front of him. His willpower and self-discipline was powerful. A true inspirational life story and work of the Holy Spirit in Fr. Thomas Plathottam (Father Tom).
while reminiscing about Father Tom who was an amazing priest and pastor, religious and missionary, able administrator and efficient coordinator; he left an indelible imprint in our hearts and minds by being number one in our congregation in hospitality and welcoming. He was full of energy and enthusiasm, drive and initiative, courage and daring. He kept himself totally busy, day in and day out, always doing something for others even to the extent of going out of his way It was too early for him to go from our midst and for us it is a tremendous loss indeed! I can proudly state that this is a man who completed the work of two to three lifetimes in the short span of life he lived here on this earth.
Fr. Joe Karikunnel, CST New York

That hard work rooted in the grace of God and constant readiness for it are the distinctive characteristics of priestly ministry in modern times, is the message that Fr. Plathottam has to hand over to the next generation.
Fr. George Kalladanthiyil, CST Germany