Spider Preacher Man
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Spider Preacher Man

From Motorcycle Gangs to God
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Paula Montgomery
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SPIDER PREACHER MANFrom Motorcycle Gangs to God

Spider Montero, a mix of two rich culturesHispanic and American Indianbegins life on a parched southwestern reservation. When the Monteros move to the Los Angeles community of Watts, calamity after calamity strikes the boy and his family, crushing the youngsters spirit. Scorned as a half-breed by schoolmates, Spider toughens into a rebel who joins a gang in junior high. Soon, alcohol pulls him into a whirlpool of addictions and blackouts. Even beautiful Susanne Reves cannot rescue Spider and she, too, becomes entrapped in the same depressing whirlpool.

Graduating from school gangs to motorcycle gangs, Spider Montero enters another culture that includes peddling drugs. History weaves throughout this true story, history such as the racial tensions that explode into riots the summer of 1965, destroying the Monteros longtime neighborhood of Watts.

Meanwhile, Spider begins to realize hes being pursued. Whether confronted by knife-wielding gangsters in a dark alley or left for dead along a desert road, this modern Jonah is miraculously rescued time after timeuntil he comes face to face with his Pursuer and the most profound rescue of all.