The Great Jewish Mystery
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The Great Jewish Mystery

What Millions Need to Know and What Jews, Christian, and Muslims Can Discover
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Grab a highlighter and prepare your heart for The Great Jewish Mystery. The time has come to expose friends, family, and particularly our children to this mystery, which will eventually impact the world. The Middle East receives global coverage daily, yet this mysterious topic is never discussed. Worldwide conspiracies now exist to deny efforts that will uncover this mystery. Therefore, the three major religionsJudaism, Christianity, and Islamcan no longer sit on the sidelines and avoid tough questions from this book.
In addition, this Jewish mystery briefly combats the fallacies of The Da Vinci Code by Dan Brown. Brown clearly attacked what the Jews consider sacred and made erroneous claims about the Dead Sea Scrolls. This book seeks to encourage millions not to be intimidated by man-made traditions or spiritual challenges. Finally, this book is a phenomenal quick reference guide to the best-kept Middle East secret. Come, let us reason together!