Wrestling Angels
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Wrestling Angels

Ronan’S Legacy, Book I
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C. C. Dupaquier
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The great Ronan James is dead. His estranged son, Kreston, a security expert, has built a life for himself out of his fathers spotlight. He hates the media attention that invades his life and his sisters lives following the death of their famous father. When he finds himself assigned to protect one of those reporters, he must confront his own feelings of anger toward his father, his disbelief in a God he isnt sure really exists, and the growing desire for the woman in his care.
DJ McBride doesnt fit the image he has of a typical reporter. There is something different about her. Maybe its her relationship with the God he doesnt really know. Winning her heart will take more than he ever expected. Someone is stalking her and doesnt want her to finish her current story. Protecting her means rethinking his lifeand may even cause his death.