Cora Pooler
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Cora Pooler

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Dottie Rexford
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Twenty years ago, Cora Pooler, a young Amish woman, abandoned a newborn child in the village of Wander Lane. Her deed was discovered and reported to the sheriffand then to Bishop Herrfort. Because Cora was unwilling to repent and would not explain the circumstances of her actions, she was shunned.
In Cora Pooler, author Dottie Rexford tells the story of Coras return to Wander Lane after twenty years of living in the English world. Not only is she faced with finding out what happened to her baby, but she vows to resolve the mystery of her sisters untimely death. Will Aaron welcome her back? Is he married or still free? What about Daniel in her English world? Can she forget him? Does she really want to forget him? Cora knows she needs to decide whether she is part of the Amish world or the one she created for herself among the English.

Cora Pooler is a compelling story of a divided heart, aching to find truth and resolution. Rexford captures the longings and emotions that belong to all who seek deep and rich relationships, all who doubt and seek answers, and all who seek to be whole.