Signs and Visions - the Seen and Unseen
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Signs and Visions - the Seen and Unseen

A Personal Testimony
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Frank T. Whitehurst I.C.
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Frank Whitehurst, an academic expert and veteran law enforcement professional, used a mix of police reporting and academic formatting to meticulously document and present real life experiences that occurred during a period from 2012 to 2013. The occurrences and revelations are linked. The information is of interest to people of all religious faiths, agnostics, atheists, and people who take no position. The terms miracle, vision, and sign are defined within the text to set some foundation for reading. Although some personal assumptions are made, the facts are outlined so that decisions may be made by others, based on their own intellect.
While reading, you will be challenged to ponder what has been seen and assumed, as well as what has not been seen and assumed. By pondering the information presented, you may have personal revelations and perhaps make your own connections. Still, enlightenment may stem from a spark of desire to search and seek, to self-analyze, to hone ones focus, and to pay closer attention.
It does not matter if you doubt, believe, or disbelieve. Whether using natural law or supernatural reasons, the occurrences will stimulate critical thinking. The information creates a foundation for expanding on personal beliefs and understandingto evaluate and reevaluate. Perhaps you will be surprised at what you read or more surprised at what you personally uncover.
The information presented is unique. Use these unique occurrences, revelations, and connections to read for pleasure, self-study, personal research, improved understanding, spirituality, defining a personal focus, or a challenge to identify new revelations.