The Promise in Apt. 2A
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The Promise in Apt. 2A

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Daisy Pemberton
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The Promise in Apartment 2A is the personal testimony of Daisy Pemberton, detailing her journey from unbeliever to believer through Gods grace and mercy. It chronicles how she stayed in abusive relationships and how years of rejection, bitterness, pornography, sexual immorality, betrayal, adultery, domestic violence, mental abuse, unforgiveness, and anger made a mess of her life.
She describes how anger was extremely prevalent in her life and how parent alienation, manipulation, and vindictive behavior can tear a family apart. Years of secrets, lies, deceit, and the final decision to give it all up and muster the courage to decide that enough was enough was the beginning of healing in her life.

Her journey to hope and healing, filled with biblical Scriptures and prayer, helped her overcome the trials and tribulations she faced. She reveals that the promise was always in apartment 2A, how this promise truly impacted her life, and how it took her to a place of healing.