Hells Canyon
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Hells Canyon

The Circuit Rider Series, Part Two
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Dennis Ellingson
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The adventure continues! Set in the Old West, in the Oregon Trail town of The Dalles, and in the wide reaches of the high desert lands and the spectacular Hells Canyon, this is the continuing saga of a man, his wife, and his family on a physical, emotional, and spiritual adventure they could have never imagined. J.L. was the hard-drinking and -brawling cowboy who nearly lost it all until a stranger and the Lord stepped in. Now he is on a journey to become a Circuit Rider, a calling he could never imagine.
Hells Canyon, the second volume of the Circuit Rider Series, is set in the 1870s in the high desert lands of Oregon and the spectacular Hells Canyon. As with the first book, The Painted Hills, this story takes place in Western sites steeped in history and myth. These are real places you can travel to today. And be ready for the third installment coming soon, The Stronghold.