While I’m Waiting
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While I’m Waiting

What Every Woman Should Know Before Getting Married
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Judy Scott
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Let me begin by saying that the Lord loves you. He loves you more than you love yourself. The Bible says that he loves us with an everlasting love (Jer. 31:3). Gods love for you my sister, is steadfast, perpetual and beyond description. God wants you to know today that he is with you and has not forgotten about you. I know your adversary has been trying to wear you down and make you give up and walk away from God. He wants you to believe that God does not love you-that he does not care about you. He will tell you that it will never happen for you, that youre getting old, that youre not pretty enough and no one will want you. These are lies, all lies! Sister, can I please tell you that what God is planning for you is far greater than anything you can plan for yourself. Whatever you do, dont give up, you cannot walk away from God! You must take God at His Word and know that he will come through for you. The man that God has for you is worth waiting for. Wait on the Lord, my Sister and again I say, Wait! You will NOT be disappointed if you wait on God. Sure, you can go out and get your own man. Of course you can. You can hook yourself up! But, if you do that, youll end up with someone that is not Gods best for you. Dont cheat yourself, Sister. God will not fail you. Hold on to God and let Him hold on to you. The rest of your life will be the best of your life. Let God write your love story.
Wow! What an awesome conference, focused on one theme: encouraging women to wait on the Lord! None of us need to go to one more conference, unless its the right conference. While Im Waiting is the right conference. Dr. Cheri Pavi Givens