Ozain Mystery of the Congo and Yoruba
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Ozain Mystery of the Congo and Yoruba

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Anthony Canty
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Origin historyThe origin of Osahin also comes from the mythology of the Egyptians. The word
Osahi(n) come from the word Egyptian Sahu, this is the name of a God of the stars
identified as or with Orion. In other papers before there was mention of him being
referred to the God Orion, and it has been shown he lived under the name of oro in the
land of the Yoruba.
Therere other words Egyptian, Sahu that signified a spiritual body, which that so
they say germinated form a mummified body.
The ideas that explain the conception of this Yoruba God Osahin has been based with
the association that he has with God Sahu and the spiritual body known with the same
This Orisha is the owner of the mountains and there in Cuba they associate him with
the Regla of the Congos. Also very particular with palo Monte or mayombe. Supposedly
one of the stories evidently cabana.
Osain was working his regla with Palo Monte, drinking bad liquors, using gun powder
and he didnt have peace. He was dressed dirty and with torn clothing, he never saw the
results of his work, nothing. Even though he worked very hard with a lot of integrity.
He saw that the Lucumi were always doing well, they dressed very elegant and they
had money and tranquility. So Osain decided and went to see Shango asking Shango for
advice. Shango told him that he was a palero and he knew it perfectly, but after knowing
the regla lucumi he found himself in better conditions. He dressed in red clothing, he was
clean and powerful. With this argument he convinced Osain and took him to the feet of
Orumila, and that was his remedy.
Osain has no mother or father; he was born by himself from direction of God. It is
the Orisha that is very important in the religion Yoruba. He could be more important
than all. The use of Osain in the religion lucumi is very important and needed. The
Ozainistas could be male or female. But the women cannot receive him until the have
passed their menopause. What happens is that they the women cannot give or make
Osain for anybody.