Thee Truth Revealed!
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Thee Truth Revealed!

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Judith Sanson
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Thee Truth Revealed!

You want to know the whole ugly truth!.......Read this Book!

This story will intrigue you! It will grasp you and show you an ugly truth! Who could figure that a handshake! Could show me the reality of what is really happening. This is a true story!
Because of the strange, bazaar, and evil situation. I journalised and documented the very true, strange happenings! Both I and my husband are under God's protection! Because of what had happened to both of us! We are now hearing the voice of the Living God speak to us! I was told I was the only one to survive! So I could write this book!
It was written under the protection of angel security! We are now at the end of age! If you want to find out, what is truly going on in the world of darkness. Read this book! And you will be in shock! As I was shock in the realization of the truth! The evil in this world is hidden! Evil is now getting more and more bold. As I and my husband found out. Are you ready to find out what this book is all about! Do you have the courage, to read it?

* About the author Judi Sanson! I didn't put a photograph in the back, because I was told not to. I didn't realize that the Living God would pick me to write this unusual book. To live such a traumatic experience. I and my husband now are serving the Living God! A few years ago I wrote- A Blossom From a Barnyard! My first book! About growing up on the farm.