My World of Poetry
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My World of Poetry

Still in the Grips
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Jonathan Owens
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In this book you will experience real emotions that I dealt with in my life. I felt different like I didnt belong, poetry was the only way I could express myself. Some of the poems may seem like rap or hip-hop, which was my way of fitting in. I also fell victim to the world of addiction for me that is how I dealt with my emotions. As a member of a 12 step fellowship I realized that I didnt want to feel. Drugs and Alcohol made me feel alive, but that feeling would only last so long. After a while I felt misery, pain, and unhappiness. Until one day God granted me the gift of desperation. From that day on Ive been sober, but like a good addict those feelings come back. Thats why I consider myself Still in The Grips.