Worthless and Other Teens Coping in a Crazy World
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Worthless and Other Teens Coping in a Crazy World

24 Short Stories
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P.S. Marrow
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Colton learns about healing when a trip to the train trestle doesnt end well.Kelsey finds a maze of difficulties when she runs away from home to spite her
sister. A horse named Beamer helps Ryan heal after a tragic accident. Aria witnesses
her brothers horrifying psychotic break that sends him to the psych ward. Salinas
magic spell bites back. A.J. is tested when hunger drives him to commit a crime.
In the title story, a teen befriends Worthless, a beaten and abused child, who
desperately needs help. Many of these stories are based on true events.
From a fishing village in Maine, to a military base in Alaska, these brilliantly-written
tales of private struggles show that even in lifes worst hardships, there is
always hope. Suspenseful and gripping, the authors skillful gift of storytelling
portrays vivid images, which engage readers from the first page and entertains
with memorable characters who cut to the core of the teen experience.