The Legendary Uli Women of Nigeria
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The Legendary Uli Women of Nigeria

Their Life Stories in Signs, Symbols, and Motifs
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Robin Renee Sanders
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"Ambassador Sanders imaginatively combine phenomenology and ethnographic methods to shine light on a world treasure worthy of both scholarly exploration and cultural amplification. Her scholarship, a mixture of style and substance, voyeuristically grants us access to the lives of the legendary Uli women of Nigeria thus reinforcing the beauty and power of the blackness of the diaspora. Like the women in the stories she chronicles, this work is legendary." — Dr. Rex L. Crawley, Assistant Dean School of Communication and Information Systems, Robert Morris University Pittsburgh, PA, and Endowed Chair, Uzuri Research Center of African American Male Educational Success"Her care and admiration for the Uli heritage is profound and informs her continued assistance since leaving Nigeria to some of the Uli scholars and practitioners in Igbo land. Her approach to Uli in this book as a "communication expression" is groundbreaking and brings enormous insight to the study of Uli and the general discourse on ethno-aesthetics." — Dr. C. Krydz Ikwuemesi, Associate Professor, University of Nigeria, Nsukka, Emeritus President, The Art Republic, Nigeria, and Painter, Art Critic, Ethno-aesthetician"As an expert in international relations and inter-cultural communications, Ambassador Sanders' ground-breaking research illustrates the importance of preserving ancient and traditional methods of communication for the next generation. In our constantly connected digital world, it is critical books like this that remind us that communication is so much more than just the written or spoken word." — Dr. Philip Kim, Assistant Professor of Business, Walsh University, North Canton, Ohio"Ambassador Sanders always took time and paid special attention to understanding and learning about Nigeria's range of culture and cultural practices. I had the opportunity to travel with Dr. Sanders on many occasions and appreciate her insatiable desire to deeply explore and learn the culture and people across the length and breadth of Nigeria. I particularly respect her meticulous attention to a cultural practice or historical monument often forgotten or overlooked by the larger society." — Mukhtari Shitu, former political assistant and analyst, U.S. Embassy, Federal Republic of Nigeria