The Book of Wars Volume 1
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The Book of Wars Volume 1

Volume 1
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Nicasio Gomez
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Diego was just crowned emperor of Serug with the help of his friends Athena the warrior, Patroclus the master thief and Vincent the necromancer. When Athena agreed to marry him he had everything a man could want but he wanted more. Patroclus opted for a simpler life, living on a small island off the coast of Xtulphdia with his wives and children. He would soon learn that helping to conquer an empire came with a price that had to be paid. All of them were enjoying their fortunes. All except for Vincent. From within his mountaintop hideout he studied death lore and he knew better. He knew that all good things must come to an end. The seeds of discord start as they often do- with greed and corruption of power. Diego and his allies struggle to maintain the empire, but he has his eye on Patrocluss wives. After he attacks Patrocluss home his former friends ally themselves against him, sparking a war that draws heroes and heroines from various cultures to the banners of Athena and Patroclus. The armies converge on the imperial seat. The city of Quom is transformed from a center of imperial commerce to an inferno, hosting a multitude of the dying, dead and living dead. The living fight alongside the undead as demons of light circle overhead.
All hope seemed lost for Patroclus and the allies. They were completely surrounded, cut off from their reserves. And where was Athena?