The Gemini Chronicles Volume 1
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The Gemini Chronicles Volume 1

Volume 1
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Gemini Da Poet
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In my previous book, Look In My EyesFeel My Pain I touched on a lot of
subjects I felt were relevant to what was
going on in America and my community at
that time. I also touched on some personal
experiences I had gone through. With
The Gemini Chronicles Vol. 1, I wanted to
give my fans new and old a piece of me.
As you turn the pages of this book you
will experience many emotions. You will
laugh, cry, understand me as a writer a little better, and more than anything else it will
leave you asking yourself if you are part of the problem or the solution. This is more
than a book of poetry this is me at my weakest moments, my highest moments, highest
and lowest points in my life. It also contains poems that I personally may not have had
happen to me but I know someone who these situations have happened to. This book
is a book of raw and uncut emotion, a guaranteed page turner, one that will leave
you wondering what I will touch on next. It will take you on my journey as I attempt to
accomplish my goals and all the road blocks, twists, and turns I have encountered. I
can promise there will be many who will be able to relate to the subjects touched on.
This is Just the beginning..The Gemini Chronicles Vol. 1.