The Debunker
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The Debunker

(Denying the Truth, Is Living a Lie)
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Ted Lenney
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Many of the modern theories, are viewed as facts, when in actuality, theyare just educated guesses, from times, more technologically challenged..
People assume that the theories, are a given, and should be accepted by all.
Its considered politically unacceptable, to disagree with their assumptions,
when in actuality, its unhealthy, to always agree, and become, close
In the book The Debunker, I use logic, to disprove several popular
theories. Sometimes, do to modern day prejudices, my views may seem
controversial, at fi rst, but with careful consideration, you will see, that it is
really the politically correct stance, that is controversial.
The Theories of Einstein, and Darwin, along with ones in the fi elds of
geology, psychology, anthropology and theology, along with several other
theories (many that are not considered controversial, and are considered
to be facts), are debunked., with basic logic. I have also included witty
phrases, and sensible advise, on how to live a good life. Its just a little book,
that I wrote, to help people live more heavenly, enlightened, lives. I hope
you enjoy it, and prosper from it, too.