Miss Morgan's Love Returns
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Miss Morgan's Love Returns

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Aurora Klimanoski
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Miss. Morgans love returns
Are you one of those people who have been taught to always do what was good for the family? Everything you do is a reflection on your family, from the way you dress, how you act in public, those you hang around with; to what you choose to do in life. It can all be suffocating.
Thats was the world Jacqueline Morgan was brought up in. For years she had been the perfect daughter doing everything she was told without making waves or even a ripple of trouble that would have disappointed her parents. She couldnt, she was the chosen daughter to take over the family business when it was time. She envied her little sister and the freedom she had to live her life with carefree adventures. More than anything Jacqui wanted to experience a little freedom herself before devoting her life to the family business. She gathered all her courage the summer before she was going to enter college and plead with her father to let her have a few weeks to blow off some steam.
On her first day of freedom Jacqui found herself standing on a dock letting the warm ocean wind blow through her hair and she was happier than she had been in years. That was also the first time she laid eyes on Azmyth. He was unlike any of the boys she knew in her life. He was handsome in a rugged way and full of life and passion not stuffy and extremely controlled and held down by responsibilities.
Azmyth was on vacation at his cousins and enjoying some afternoon fishing when Jacqui stepped out on the pier and stole his attention. He never saw anyone as beautiful as she was and instantly wanted to get to know her better so he asked her out.
In the days that followed Jacqui and Azmyth met for afternoon dates bringing them even closer. She really liked him and felt a very strong connection with him unlike anything she ever felt before. Jacqui didnt let anyone know what she was doing, not even her sister, because she knew that her father wouldnt approve of Azmyth. That alone seemed to heighten her need to explore the relationship further. She was experiences all kinds of adventures with Azmyth including her first kiss that made heat flood her body and her toes curl in her shoes. It didnt take long for Jacqui to fall head over heels for him.
Things heated up quickly between the young couple and Jacqui decided she wanted to experience a deeper intimacy before she went off to college and she wanted it to be with Azmyth. It was a night she would never forget and for more than the magical time she had with Azmyth. When she got home that night the magic ended and disaster hit. Her parents came home early and discover her sneaking back into her bed room and all hell broke loose. Her perfect night ended in her being torn away from Azmyth forever with no way of contacting him to explain what had happened.
Eleven years passed and Jacqui had become a driving force in the family business. She works all the time and rarely takes time to enjoy lifes little pleasures and relax. A fact that has her sister and friends afraid that she will burn herself out and they gang up on her insisting she joins them on vacation. Jacqui is hesitant to join them after all the last time she indulged in fun and freedom everything in her life had come crashing down on her.
When the group of friends arrived on the private island Jacqui changes her mind about having a good time and begins to relax. Then as if fate decided to torture her the one person she never thought she would see again but had haunted her more intimate dreams walks into the bar her and her friends were at. Just laying eyes on Azmyth again after so many years Jacquis pulse started to race. Even in her wildest dreams she never pictured that he would look even more gorgeous than she remembered.
Jacqui and Azmyth reunion isnt what he expected it would be when he first saw him walking towards him. Shes different from the girl he once knew but still kind of the same and the spark